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Get Involved



We also have other events in addition to challah bakes! In the past we've had blanket making events for Project Linus, game nights, self care nights, and so much more! Keep an eye on our Instagram page for more information about our events throughout the semester!

Challah Bakes

You can get involved by joining us at our bi-weekly Challah bakes! They take place on Thursday evenings in the kitchen of the New Hillel Building in the Here downtown. They usually last a few hours, but you do not have to stay the whole time! Feel free to stay for however long you like, we would love to have you! Make sure to check out our calendar of bakes on the events page!


Food Drives


A few times throughout the semester we have a food drive to collect canned/non-perishable foods to donate to the Lion's Pantry or the State College Food Bank! More information regarding these food drives will be shared through our Instagram throughout the semester! 

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